Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blog and Organizing Vacation

Hiya all doing? I'm sorry I've been away. . .I've been so busy with the holidays and all that comes with it! There have been very little time to organize anything. . .as a matter of fact, it's been quite the opposite. First with the Christmas decoration and rearrangingof the living room and family room to accomodate the decorations and I'm leaving for a trip tomorrow . . .well, that left no room to organize anything. But. . .when I get back, I'll be back to organizing full swing and I am SERIOUS about it! The new year has to start on the right foot so as soon as I return from my trip, well. . .organizination will be my middle name for the rest of the year! LOL!

Anyway. . .just to let you know, I will be on a blog and organizing vacation! I wish you all a beautiful Christmas filled with love and joy and may you have a prosperous, healthy, and organized New Year!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day #19 - Organiziation Challenge - Craft Room Corner - Embellishment

Hey, hey Organizing Buddies! Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday. Gosh, it's been a few days since my last challenge. Life is so busy right now. . .the holidays are rolling in and time seem to flying faster and faster. I've been trying to squeeze in time to organize something each day but the past week have been quite difficult to fit much organizing. This morning I decided to work on my embellishments.

I removed the embellishments from their packages and stored them in this AMM storage tins/containers. I actually bought the organizers at Big Lots at dirt cheap prices. Each stand with the tins were only $5.00 each. If you have a Big Lots where you live, if you stop by once in a while, our can find craft organizers at really great prices.

The organizers are made by All My Memories (AMM). I tried to look for them online but I couldn't find these particular ones but Cropper Hopper sell a bunch of great organizers: Click Here and the prices are really reasonable. I'll have to look into some of their products next year. I just need to get through the holidays and I'll REALLY work on organizing my craft room

In the meantime. . .today's "Craft Room Organizing Challenge" is to remove your embellishments from their packages and store them in some sort of easily accessible containers or organizers.

Here are a few online stores that sell embellishment organizers:

Cropper Hopper

Art Bin
All Craft Supplies
Goody Beads
NexTag Comparison Shopping

Hope you all have a wonderful day organizing your embellishments!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day #18 - Organization Challenge - Refrigerator and Feezer

Hello Organizing Buddies! What's that? My freezer. . .a disorganized freezer that is! LOL! Yup, I decided to work on organizing my freezer and ended up cleaning and organizing the whole refrigerator! I did discover an interesting thing. . . .okay, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and as I was digging through my freezer, I found last year's left over Thanksgiving Prime Rib! OMG! It was cooked and vacuum packed but no matter, it's been in there for almost a whole year. Ewww, that's sort of disgusting. LOL!

I decided to throw away anything that had no date on it or any opened packages of frozen veggies and such. It's best to start fresh. We do have a "food saver" so many of our meats are vacuum packed and we usually write the date on them. We also have a large freezer in the garage but I'll work on that on another day.

I also cleaned out our refrigerator. I had cleaned the refrigerator a few weeks ago . . .and I mean CLEANED it. I took out all the shelves and drawers and wiped them so this time around, it was actually a quick and easy process. I threw away any left overs or anything that were past their due dates or if they just didn't look quite edible anymore and wiped the shelves a little bit! The refrigerator wasn't dirty so I was able to finish it up rather quickly.

So. . .today's challenge is to throw away anything in your refrigerator that are beyond the date that they should be stored. Most items that are in containers have a perishable date. Throw away all meats that you have no idea when you bought them or appears to be freezer burned. When you're done, organize your freezer and refrigerator in categories, such as meats in one section, frozen veggies, dessert, etc. If you have the time, clean the drawers and shelves by wiping them down or taking them out and washing them in the sink.

Here are a few links that will help you determine the perishable date of the food stored in your refrigerator and freezer:

Perishable dates for refrigerated food

Fruits and Vegetables

Iformation on perishable refrigerated foods

Freezing and food safey

More information on refrigerating and freezing food

Here is a photo of my refrigerator. There's a lot of space now. . .just in time for Thanksgiving. I'm pretty positive the refrigerator will be filled up when Thanksgiving comes around but for now, I'll just enjoy the fact that it's clean and organized! LOL!

You can't really see it but my freezer is organized by meats, to the left, frozen veggies at the top, microwavable food to the lower right drawer and desserts atthe top. Yay! I love it!

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful day organizing your frig! You'll be really happy when you're done!! There's nothing like a clean refrigerator!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day #17 - Organization Challenge - Computer Files Organization

Hi Organizing Buddies!!! Where have you been, Maria? Well, I've been busy. . .:) I recently bought a new computer. .. actually, my husband bought it for me. I've been busy reloading my programs and applications, transferring files, and basically, setting up the new computer. I've had my old computer for over 4 years and my husband has been wanting to get me a new computer for a while now. I've had an older version of Windows on my computer . . .I think 2003 or something like that. I don't like to mess with my computer because I hate having to figure out a new version of anything. It worked fine for me up until recently so I really didn't want a new computer.

Unfortunately, lately my old computer had been running really slow, had very little hard drive space left and I've been transferring all my files to a data drive just to have room for new stuff. For the past month or so, my old computer was beginning to flake out on me. . .primarily due to low memory and my CD/DVD drive stopped working. It was driving me crazy so I finally agreed to get a new computer! I'm now on Windows 7! Yay! I LOVE IT!!!! And I now have a 500 GB memory as well as a 500 GB data drive. Holy Cow! That's a 1000 GB of memory! Can you imagine how many photos I can upload on both drives!!!! That's NUTZ! LOL!

Anyway. . .because I'm on the subject of computers. . .I realized how messed up all my files are. I have at least 4 different "My Picture" folders, 3 different "My Documents" folders and everything is just all over the place. I can't even remember what folder I filed a photo in because I have so many of them! It's ridiculous! It's because this is my 3rd computer in about 8 years and each time, I've had to transfer all my files from one computer to another and rather than cleaning them up when I switched computers, I just transferred ALL of them. . .junk files and all!

Now that I'm on a new computer, I am totally confused. Seriously! I don't know what folder I filed a particular picture or document and I have to sort through all these files to figure it out! Do you have a problem with your computer files? Do you have photos that you should have deleted because they're duplicate photos of one subject? LOL! Are your files disorganized? Well, today is the day you will organize your computer files!!!

Today's challenge is to delete photos that are duplicates or just plain ole' junk photos, delete old documents that you either downloaded or created and no longer need, organize all of your photos in appropriate folders, and delete old unwanted files.

This may take a few days so. . .do the best you can! When you're done, your computer will have more memory, run smoother, and you will be less confused and frustrated. . .:)

Before I go, I wanted to let you know that I am COMPLETELY done with organizing my linen closet. I washed ALL of the towels, blankets, sheets, comforters . ..everything, folded all of them nicely, and organized them by categories and colors. My linen closet now looks fabulous! How are you doing with your linen closet?

I washed all of the comforter sets and put them back in their packages. They really didn't need to be washed but they have been sitting on the shelves for some time now and was exposed to dust and lint so I decided to wash them and put them in plastic bags to keep them free of dust so I don't have to do this again! LOL!

My laundry room is now free of clothes. They are all hung up in the bedroom closets. Hey, did you know. .. my laundry room is upstairs next to my craft room. It is so convenient to have a laundry room upstairs but at the same time, it can be bad because there's a tendency to treat the laundry room as a closet because it is located upstairs. But, nonetheless, I love having it upstairs. . .it's easier to transfer the laundry from the laundry room to the bedroom closets.

Look. . .no clothes hanging on the rods or folded on the shelf. I can actually fold down the shelf now. LOL! Previously there were clothes hanging on the rod and sitting on the shelf. Now, it's all clean! I am so happy about it!

If you want to send in a photo of your organized linen closet or what ever else you organized, feel free to email it to me at cardinspired@gmail.com and I'll post it on this blog. I haven't had much response but I'm figuring you are still organizing your stuff. . .:) Come on, play along!! Share your photos. . .it's fun to see other people's organization!!

Hope you all have a wonderful organizing day!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Day #16 Organization Challenge - Crafter's Corner - Card Stock Organization

Hi Organizing Buddies!!! Okay. . .do you have a stock pile of card stock? Do you buy more than you really need? Well, I do have this problem. I always think I'm going to run out of a particular color so I'll buy 2 extra packages of card stock at a time. Actually, I do, on occasion, run out of a particular color before I had a chance to order more of them but there are a few colors that I rarely use. . . .like purple. Not my favorite color. . .:) My card stock are stored on a tall book shelf. The bottom half stores my designer papers. I'll share it with you all next time. Right now, let's focus on our card stocks!

I spent part of Saturday organizing my card stocks and designer paper as well as my scraps. My packaged card stock were actually organized already. There were a few card stock out of place so organizing my card stock was quick and painless!!!

My scrap card stock. . . well, that's a different story! LOL! Okay. . .look at that mayhem going on in that container. This is what happens when things get out of control. The container is overstuffed with scrap card stock!

Initially, I was just going to sort the scraps and put them in file folders but they kept falling off the sides of the file folders. I decided to put them in Ziplock bags which helped contain the smaller scraps.

I then put the scraps in hanging file folders. The top are my scrap card stock and the bottom are my scrap designer papers.

As you can see, my card stocks are in Ziplock bags by color and stored in the the hanging file folders. I didn't have matching colored hanging file folders so they're pretty hodge-podged right now. When I have a chance, I'll buy hanging file folders that are the same colors.

I sorted my scrap designer papers by the most prominent color. . .so if the designer paper had a lot of pink color to it, I sorted them in the "pink" folder. My Stampin Up designer paper are stored in one folder. . . I didn't divide them by color. I didn't have too many scrap SU designer paper so they all fit in one folder.

So. . . today's challenge is to sort all of your card stock including your scrap card stocks and find a system of organization that works best for you. If you have the time, organize your scrap designer paper. We'll work on organizing your unused designer paper on another day but if you have the time to sort them, you can start on them as well.

Here are a few examples of different organization system for scrap card stock and designer paper:

Scrap Village

Best Craft Organizer ( I actually have the desk and a few organizers)

Organize World

Scrapbookers Inner World

Hey. . .send me a picture of your card stock/designer paper organizing system. I'd love to share it on this blog! Hope you all have a wonderful organizing day!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day #15 Organization Challenge - Trash Bag Challenge - Donation

Hey Organizing Buddies! Happy Saturday to you all!! Hey. . .it's that trash bag, again? Yup! Remember challenge #13 was to walk around your house and throw stuff away and I told you there was going to be a second part to this trash bag challenge!

As we organize each section of our house, there will be things that you'll want to either throw away or get rid of. Due to the poor economy, sadly many charitable organizations are very low on donations so rather than throwing the stuff away or worse, keeping them when you don't use the items, why not donate them to someone who needs them.

This second trash bag challenge will focus on items that can be donated. It will be an ongoing challenge.

Here is the challenge. . . .

Whenever you organize an area of your home, always bring a trash bag with you. As you sort through your things, consider donating a few items, especially things that you really haven't used in the last 3 years or so. . .:) If you haven't used them for that long, the likelihood that you'll use them in the future is highly unlikely. Why don't you donate the items to someone who will actually need them. As you organize, throw the unwanted or unused items in a trash bag with the intention of dropping them off to a charitable organization such as the Goodwill or Salvation Army. You can drop them off immediately or accumulate them and make it a goal to drop them off some time this month.

I actually have a few bags that I'm going to drop off at the Salvation Army on Monday. Okay, buddies. . .that's it for today's challenge! I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!!! Happy Organizing, Buddies!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day #14 Organization Challenge - Crafter's Corner - Clear/Unmounted Stamps

Hello Organizing Buddies!! For those who don't know, I have a crafting blog (Stampin Inspirations). . .which is my primary blog. This organization blog site was inspired by my need to help balance my life. No kidding! I have a tendency to organize and clean up my craft room on a regular basis and sometimes neglect the rest of the house! LOL! Actually, I'll work REALLY quickly on my chores so I can spend more time crafting and after awhile, whatever system of organization I have turns into major chaos.

I've always wondered about those crafters and scrapbookers who have very clean rooms, super organized where everything is in place, with pretty containers and organizing systems. Do they really craft or do they just have a lot of nice stuff? LOL! I'm sorry but I have a feeling they don't craft much! I would have an absolutely beautiful organized craft room too if I were to never step in my room.

Honestly, despite cleaning and re-organizing my craft room on a regular basis, I have way too many stuff to be able to stay on top of things. Unfortunately, crafting is a messy hobby! LOL! I'll come up with a great organizing system but after awhile, I'll be too busy and just sort of throw everything in a container. Well, my unmounted and clear stamps organization have recently went out the window or more like. . .thrown inside a container and I mean "thrown". Yes, when I'm done using the stamps, I'll literally "throw" them in a container that is closest to me. The picture at the top of this post is one of my disorganized and messy container of stamps.

I know that many of you who visit this site are crafters yourselves because I link this blog on my crafting blog so from time to time, I'll post a crafter's organization challenge. . .just for my fellow crafters. Aren't you special?

This morning I worked on organizing my clear/unmounted stamps. It actually did not take very long. . .less than an hour to complete so it's not a difficult task to accomplish. I organized my stamps by brands and size of the packages and put them in a few organizers that I bought recently at JoAnns. They were on the clearance rack. . .they came in sets and they were only $4.98 each. Whoohoo! Unfortunately, there were only two sets.

The rest of my stamps had to be stored in these wicker baskets. Okay. . .just to let you know, I have a bunch of "wood mounted" stamps that I still need to organize and lemme' tell ya, that will be a major task to complete mainly because of the amount of space the stamps take up. Ugggh!

I actually unmounted a lot of stamps a while back and created a folder system which currently occupies 5 large binders. I've been collecting stamps for 5 years and rarely re-sell any of them.

I unmounted all of my Stampin Up Christmas stamp sets a year ago and put them in binders. This was a major task but I'm so glad I did it. They take up so much less space and they are easy to find.

I also use a CD case system for a few of my stamps but they can only fit a few stamps so I don't really like this system as much.

Okay. . .today's challenge is to organize all of your clear or unmounted stamps. You can organize them in any fashion you want. There are a lot of organizing systems that you can buy to help you organize your stamps but why don't you use what you already have? Actually, it really doesn't matter what way you want to do it, the point is to do it!!!

Here are a few storage ideas if you want a better system of organizing your clear/unmounted stamps:

Blockhead Paper Arts and their storing system

CD Case System (I've tried this and they're great for individual stamps but not for large sets)

Clear Boxes by Flourishes

Stamp Box Binders by All That Scraps

There are many types of organizing systems, just google it. . .you'll find something that will fit your needs.

Okay, Buddies. . .let's get our stamps organized. You'll be very happy that you did!! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day #13 Organization Challenge - Trash Bag Challenge

Hey Organizing Buddies!! Because I've been sick the past 3 days, I'm a bit behind on my organization challenges. I'm just about finished with my linen closet. . .just one more load of comforters to wash and my linen closet will be complete. I wanted to wait until I was done before I posted a new challenge but the comforter is in the dryer and I really can't finish organizing my linen closet until they are dry.

In the meantime, while I'm waiting for the comforters to dry, I decided this would be a good time to start a new challenge. I'll post pictures of my organized linen closet, hopefullly, tomorrow.

I don't know about you but I have stuff lying around the house that I really should throw away or donate to the Salvation Army but every day, I'll walk pass them and not do a thing about them. I'm not sure why I don't just pick them up and throw them in the trash or make an effort to put them in a box so I can donate them. Do you have stuff lying around just waiting for you to do something with. . . .like dump them?

Well. . .today is the day that you will finally get rid of them. Yes, today!

Today's challenge is simple. . . .grab a trash bag and walk around your WHOLE house and as you walk by, throw away what needs to be thrown away. Don't think about it, just do it. If you have things that can be donated. . .save it for now, we'll work on it tomorrow. Today, the focus will be on stuff that needs to be thrown away because they have lost their value or they are just plain ole' trash!

Got it??? When you're done, take a picture of your trash bag and email it to me at cardinspired@gmail.com so I know that you actually did it. . .:) Happy trash day, friends

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day #12 Organization Challenge - Linen Closet - Blankets and Comforters

Hello Organizing Buddies! Ugggh! I'm sorry I didn't post anything for the past two days! I've been feeling a little sick. It started on Monday. I initially thought that I was going through my typical allergy attacks but as the day progressed, I started to feel that it may not be my allergies. I've been too tired to organize anything. I do feel a little better today so I'll try to finish up my linen closet.

I have a little story to share before I discuss today's challenge. Growing up, although we weren't "poor", my grandparents (who adopted me) were very "frugal" and I kid you not!!! Our blankets were handmade and we've never had fitted sheets or pretty beddings. That's just the way life was. Although I appreciate the sewn blankets today and I wish I had a few of them now that my grandmother had passed away, growing up I always wanted a pretty made bed! I guess that's the reason why, now that I'm older and can basically afford them, I love buying them and dressing up my bed. LOL! But. . .how many comforter sets do one need?

Do you see the shelving above. It's actually quite taller than shown in the picture. It's normally stocked with blankets and comforter sets but I did a CRAZY thing. Because they've been sitting in the closet probably collecting dust, I decided to wash them ALL! I have problems with allergies so I thought it was a great idea to wash them. What the heck was I thinking???? It has taken me hours to wash and dry them. I spent 4 days washing and drying them and I have a few more to wash. The huge thick comforters barely fit into our washing machine. Honestly, it would have been smarter if I had thrown them into the drier and filter any dust or lint rather than washing them but I'm happy that I washed them now that I'm almost done. . .:)

Some of the blankets and comforter sets didn't have their original packaging so I used "Space Bags". They are FANTASTIC!! I highly recommend buying a few of them to store your blankets. . .they really save on space by compressing them to a smaller size. Click Here to check them out.

Okay! Let us FINISH our linen closet! Now to today's challenge. . . .if your blankets or beddings have been sitting in the closet for the past year without being used, air them out or throw them into the dryer and filter the dust or lint that has collected on them. When you're done, re-organize them nicely in your linen closet. This challenge should complete the "Linen Closet Challenge".

Hey. . .if you're done organizing your linen closet, take a photo of it and email it to me at cardinspired@gmail.com and I'll post it on the blog. I'll post my organized linen closet when I'm done washing and drying my blankets!! Hope you have a wonderful organizing day!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day #11 Organization Challenge - Crafter's Corner - Cuttlebug Embossing Folders

Hello Organizing Buddies!! Hope you all had a wonderful ghoulish Halloween!!!

I know many of you who visit this blog are crafters so when I can I will add craft room organization challenges! I'm still working on my linen closet but it's taking a while because I think I'm doing something a little crazy . . .which I do often. I'll explain more about it tomorrow. So far, how are you all doing with folding your sheets? Don't know what I'm talking about? Take a look at Day #10 Organization Challenge. Again, I'll further discuss the linen closet challenge tomorrow. Right now, let's work on our craft room corner.

I don't know about you but a lot of my craft room junk are in a disorganized mess. I have a lot of stuff so it's really difficult to keep track of all of them sometimes. I can get really messy and when I'm really busy, I don't exactly put things away in an orderly fashion. Are you familiar with this problem? Uh-hummm. . .I see you nodding your head. LOL!

Yesterday I was searching through the Internet for a way to organize my Cuttlebug Embossing Folders and I found the blog site " Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot" and they had a challenge post on organizing your Cuttlebug Embossing Folders. How appropriate!!! There were several samples and I used one of them.

One of the samples showed a tag swatch set up and I liked that idea. I decided to create a swatch and create a numbering system. I numbered the embossing folders, the swatch, and the file dividers using stickers.

I ran the tag through the Cuttlebug Embossing Folders and created a swatch with all the different embossing and as you can see I numbered them. I then put all of the embossing folders in a wicker basket. I don't have a plastic container that'll fit the folders so the wicker basket will do for now. It's temporary. When I have the chance, I'll go hunting for a different container for them. One of the samples on the Cuttlebug challenge site uses a lunch pail file sort of container. If I can find a lunch pail that will fit all of my folders, I may use that system instead.

Okay. . .today's challenge is to organize your Cuttlebug embossing folder so that they'll be compact and easy to find and put back into their proper place. You may use any system you want.

If you already have a great system in place, why not share it with us. Send me a photo of your organized CB embossing folders and I'll post it on this blog! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. . .don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the completion of our linen closet challenge!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Day #10 Organization Challenge - Sheets Day

Hello Organizing Buddies! Did any of you complete yesterday's challenge? If you did, send a photo of your organized towels and I'll post it on the blog. I'd love to see it and I'm sure others would too!

Above is a photo of my empty linen closet. I think it's more like linen cabinets, huh? It's located at one of the hallways upstairs. It's nice because it's very accessible. We have another linen shelving in my closet but that's a whole other situation. . .it'll be our challenge tomorrow so I won't discuss it right now. As you can see, my linen closet is empty. I wanted to show you that I actually do the challenges.

Well, let's get down to business. Today's challenge is multi -step again; similar to the towels.

1. Remove all the contents from your linen closet if you haven't done so yet (this was part of yesterday"s challenge)

2. Gather all of your sheets including the fitted sheets, fold your sheets following the video tutorial.

3. Return the sheets back into the linen closet. Organize them by color and size.

Got it? Simple, huh? Well, let's get going! Before you know it, your linen closet will look spectacular!!!

Yesterday I worked on yesterday's challenge. I got rid of some of my ratty looking towels and donated them to our dogs. LOL! Yes, our dogs. Whenever we bath our dogs, I don't like to use the newer towels because ugggh, I just don't like the idea of sharing towels with our dogs.

Here are the doggy towels. I store them under the dryer. I don't want them mixed up with our towels. If you have any old towels, rather than throwing them away, there are several things you can do with them:

1. Donate them to your dogs.

2. Donate them to the Goodwill or Salvation Army.

3. Cut them into hand towel size and you can use them to wipe your counters or dishes.

4. Cut them in half and use them to wipe your car.

5. Sell them at a garage sale.

I'm sure there are other ways to recycle them, can you think of any other ideas? Share them with us.

Well, I hope you'll play along . . .comment this post if you are planning to do this challenge. I'd love to hear from you!!!

I'll see you all tomorrow! Happy organizing, folks!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day #9 Organization Challenge - Project Linen Closet

Hi Organizing Buddies! Yesterday the challenge was to wash and dry your towels. Did you have a chance to do it? Well if you did, today we will start the first day of organizing our linen closet. I'm going to cut to the chase today because I still need to work on this challenge myself. LOL! I started off late today so I can't show you my completed task. I'll upload a photo when I'm done.

Today's challenge will be a multi-step challenge. Organizing your linen closet may take a few days so we'll start off with the towels and work our way through the other linens.

Here is today's challenge:

1. Remove every towel and linen from your closet. (Yes, you read it right. . .we want to start off fresh)

2. Pick out all the towels from your linen.

3. Fold all your towel as shown in the video tutorial, including the towels that you washed yesterday.

4. When you've completed folding the towels, organize your towels by color, type, and size.

5. Place your towels on the shelves of your linen closet based on the color, type, and size.

Can you manage that? I have a LOT of towels so it may take me a while but I'll try to get it done today.

Tomorrow we'll work on the next step on organizing our linen closet. I'll cut the chit-chat short today. . .I need to get on the ball so I'll see ya' all tomorrow! Hope you'll play along. Comment this post if you want to join in the challenge!! Happy organizing!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day #8 Organization Challenge - Darn, That's A Lot of Towels!

No kidding! That is a lot of towels. Blame it on the department store Marshalls. LOL! Really! When they were closing down, their towels were 50 to 75% off so I went nuts and bought a whole bunch of them. The problem is . . .knowing we have a lot of towels, I don't wash all of them on a regular basis. I'll wait until there's two basket full of towels before I wash them.

Well, I decided to gather all of our towels and wash all of them! Look at that pile! LOL! No, I'm not going to keep it that way. After the towels were dried, I folded them immediately but come back tomorrow and we'll re-haul our linen closet. We'll even fold them nicely.

The organization challenge today is to simply wash the towels and dry them. If you want to quickly fold them just to get them out of the dryer, you may do so. Tomorrow, we'll fold them nicely and we'll work on making our linen closet pretty, okay!

Hope you'll participate in today's challenge. Comment this post if you plan on playing along. Come on. . .let's get the towels out of the way! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day #7 Organization Challenge - How Many Lotions and Potions Do You Need?

Look at that? What a mess! Actually, I don't think it's too bad. What do you think? Nothing too crazy! What are they? Well, they're stuff I've stored below my bathroom sink. I don't think I've opened this cabinet for over 6 months. LOL! I didn't realize the condition of my cabinet until I opened it this morning!

This is one of my drawers. Okay, now that I look at it. . .it is a bit messy. Honestly, I'm very low maintenance when it comes to pampering myself but I do have a lot of stuff regardless. Although I don't spend a lot of time pampering myself or putting on make-up, I really should take care of my skin better. . .considering I do have a lot of lotions and potions, some of which were quite pricey. There was a time when I did take the time to exfoliate, mask, moisturize, and all that good stuff but ugggh, it takes so much time and effort that I no longer bother with them.

I decided to tackle my bathroom today and not only organize the drawers and cabinets but clean the whole bathroom including the sinks, toilet, shower, bath tub, the floor, and so on.

This is my side of the sink. My husband has his own sink and I also organized his sink, drawers, and cabinets. I want to share a few sites that I came across that provides tips on cleaning your bathroom.

How to Clean Your Bathroom
Bathroom Cleaning Tips

The first thing I did was dump all the contents of the containers on to the floor and sort through all my things. I made separate piles for hair, facial, and other items then threw away old or unwanted items. I then organized the items by the different categories. Rather than buying new containers, I decided to reuse the old containers I already had.

In this photo, I stored all of my hair accessories and brushes in one container and the hair tools such as curling and flat irons in another container. I also stored all my makeup and nail items in bags.

Here are a few sites with helpful tips on organizing your bathroom:

Bathroom Organization Ideas
Vanity and Cabinet Organization Tips

Today's challenge is to clean out your bathroom cabinets and drawers by throwing away old items and organize the items you're keeping. If you are ambitious, why not clean your sink or your whole bathroom if you have the time!!

Okay! Are you up to the challenge? Come on. . .today is a good day to organize your bathroom. Hope you'll play along!! Happy organizing, Friends!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day #6 Organization Challenge - I Love Reading Celebrity Magazines

Yeah. . .I do. I have a subscription for People, Us, and Star magazines. I have my daily fix right before I go to bed. LOL! Reading about the antics of celebrities help me fall asleep! We also have a subscription for the Smithsonian, Discovery, Popular Science, Scrapbook Etc., and Bon Apetit. I also buy a lot of craft magazines! Hello! I blame Publishers Clearing House. . .they sent us those discounted subscription offers and well, we couldn't help ourselves. Rather than subscribing to one or two magazines, we went nuts and ordered like 7 of them. We really need some self-control. I'm not the only one with this problem, my husband likes to order science magazines so put the two of us together. . .we have a magazine subscription problem. I think we need an intervention here.

Actually, the problem isn't that we have a lot of magazines but the real problem is that we don't throw away any of them away. We have them all over the house. Well, today I decided to gather all my magazines and sort through them and made two piles: the keep pile and a throw away pile. Unfortunately, the "keep" pile was bigger than the "throw away" pile. LOL!

I went to the store and was going to buy a magazine holder but dang, they're expensive and so small. I would have needed to buy at least 4 of them. Uh-uh! I decided rather than buying them, I was just going to make my own magazine holder. Looking through the Internet, I found this simple tutorial on creating a magazine holder using a cereal box: Click Here

Well, I had only one cereal box and I needed at least 4 of them so instead, I used a cardboard box and created this larger magazine holder. I applied the same concept as the cereal box. The cardboard box was harder to cut but it's do-able. I then covered it with pattern paper (scrapbook paper) and applied "Mod Podge" glue all over which helps to protect the paper.

Okay, are you ready for a new challenge? Of course you are. Today's challenge is to gather ALL of you magazines and sort them in two piles: the keep pile and the throw away pile. Rather than throw away the magazines, why don't you drop them off at your doctor's office. I'm sure they'll want them. If you're ambitious, create a DIY Magazine Holder following the tutorial.

Well, I hope you'll fit some time to play along. Be sure to visit the previous challenges. I'm sure you'll be able to find one that you can work on! Comment this post if you want to play along! Hey, let me know how you're doing with the previous challenges. .. I'd love to hear your story. ***the comment button is at the top of this post****

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day #5 - Ogranization Challenge - Junk Mail are Killing our Trees

Dang, so many junk mail!!!! Can you imagine how many trees could be saved if companies would stop sending junk mail! Junk mail is contributing to global warming! Sheesh! We receive at least 10 pieces of junk mail a day. I usually sort through my mail once a week but there was a time when I would just throw all my mail in a box with the intention of shredding them and throwing out the junk mail. Unfortunately, the mail kept piling up and one day, when I had guests over, I decided to gather the boxes from under my desk in the kitchen and throw them in the hallway closet and there they sat for the past 6 months. I know. . .shameful!

You're like. . ."hey, your challenge is posted late"! Yeah, I know but I was busy. . . .organizing and cleaning the house. Later in the afternoon, I decided to work on sorting and shredding our mail and darn, it took me about 3 hours to finish. Gosh, it feels great to rid of the boxes of junk mail that I've been storing in my closet.

Now to today's challenge.. . . the challenge for today (or tomorrow) is to sort through your mail and shred/throw away your junk mail. . . including those that you have under your desk, closet, drawer or where ever else you've been storing them. .:)

This picture shows the bag of junk mail that I threw away today! Isn't it nuts? From this point on, I promise to sort through my mail regularly and throw away the junk mail right away! Just a little tip. . .when shredding your junk mail, rather than shredding the whole content of your junk mail, rip out the section that has your name, address, and other personal information and shred only that section. It actually saves a lot of time.

Okay, Organizing Buddies. . .let's get rid of our junk mail and from now on, don't let them pile up! Comment this post if you're planning to play along!! I would love to hear from you! Tell me your story. . .I love reading them!

Hope you all have a wonderful day organizing your stuff!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day#4 Organization Challenge - Where Are My Socks

Yeah, that is what my daughter and husband are always asking me. . .. "where are my socks?". How the heck would I know??? Actually, I do know. . .it's in that laundry basket! That's where they are and none of them are matched.

You're saying. . ."I thought you were moving on and was going to post a different type of challenge, Maria?" Well, I was going to move on to something else but after my last load of laundry yesterday, I noticed I had a ton of socks that I gathered in the basket and needed to put them away into the drawer. I decided to surf the Internet to find a great organizer to hold all the socks. I did find one but I didn't like the tutorial so guess what! Yup, I created my own tutorial! LOL!

The video below shows how to create this great sock organizer! Whoohoo. Look at all my socks! They are all organized and pretty inside the drawers. Not only that. . .but they're all matched and easily accessible! Boy, I just love it!

What's today's challenge? Well today's organization challenge is to match all your socks and organize them nicely into your sock drawer!

Simple, huh? You can do it while you're organizing your closet. Any of you working on the last 3 challenges? Let me know. . .tell me your progress or. . .non-progress! If you've completed any of the challenges, take a picture and email me with the picture and I'll post it on the blog. My email address is cardinspired@gmail.com!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Friday. . .organizing! LOL! Have a great weekend too. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a new challenge. To comment this post, the comment link is at the top of this post.

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