Friday, November 6, 2009

Day #14 Organization Challenge - Crafter's Corner - Clear/Unmounted Stamps

Hello Organizing Buddies!! For those who don't know, I have a crafting blog (Stampin Inspirations). . .which is my primary blog. This organization blog site was inspired by my need to help balance my life. No kidding! I have a tendency to organize and clean up my craft room on a regular basis and sometimes neglect the rest of the house! LOL! Actually, I'll work REALLY quickly on my chores so I can spend more time crafting and after awhile, whatever system of organization I have turns into major chaos.

I've always wondered about those crafters and scrapbookers who have very clean rooms, super organized where everything is in place, with pretty containers and organizing systems. Do they really craft or do they just have a lot of nice stuff? LOL! I'm sorry but I have a feeling they don't craft much! I would have an absolutely beautiful organized craft room too if I were to never step in my room.

Honestly, despite cleaning and re-organizing my craft room on a regular basis, I have way too many stuff to be able to stay on top of things. Unfortunately, crafting is a messy hobby! LOL! I'll come up with a great organizing system but after awhile, I'll be too busy and just sort of throw everything in a container. Well, my unmounted and clear stamps organization have recently went out the window or more like. . .thrown inside a container and I mean "thrown". Yes, when I'm done using the stamps, I'll literally "throw" them in a container that is closest to me. The picture at the top of this post is one of my disorganized and messy container of stamps.

I know that many of you who visit this site are crafters yourselves because I link this blog on my crafting blog so from time to time, I'll post a crafter's organization challenge. . .just for my fellow crafters. Aren't you special?

This morning I worked on organizing my clear/unmounted stamps. It actually did not take very long. . .less than an hour to complete so it's not a difficult task to accomplish. I organized my stamps by brands and size of the packages and put them in a few organizers that I bought recently at JoAnns. They were on the clearance rack. . .they came in sets and they were only $4.98 each. Whoohoo! Unfortunately, there were only two sets.

The rest of my stamps had to be stored in these wicker baskets. Okay. . .just to let you know, I have a bunch of "wood mounted" stamps that I still need to organize and lemme' tell ya, that will be a major task to complete mainly because of the amount of space the stamps take up. Ugggh!

I actually unmounted a lot of stamps a while back and created a folder system which currently occupies 5 large binders. I've been collecting stamps for 5 years and rarely re-sell any of them.

I unmounted all of my Stampin Up Christmas stamp sets a year ago and put them in binders. This was a major task but I'm so glad I did it. They take up so much less space and they are easy to find.

I also use a CD case system for a few of my stamps but they can only fit a few stamps so I don't really like this system as much.

Okay. . .today's challenge is to organize all of your clear or unmounted stamps. You can organize them in any fashion you want. There are a lot of organizing systems that you can buy to help you organize your stamps but why don't you use what you already have? Actually, it really doesn't matter what way you want to do it, the point is to do it!!!

Here are a few storage ideas if you want a better system of organizing your clear/unmounted stamps:

Blockhead Paper Arts and their storing system

CD Case System (I've tried this and they're great for individual stamps but not for large sets)

Clear Boxes by Flourishes

Stamp Box Binders by All That Scraps

There are many types of organizing systems, just google it. . .you'll find something that will fit your needs.

Okay, Buddies. . .let's get our stamps organized. You'll be very happy that you did!! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


Mary said...

I am going to be playig some catch up with you. The last blog post I receieved was Day 11.

I am still throwing things away and putting many things away for charity or for family and friends. My biggest things to give away are crafting items, books and clothes. It is a huge job. I can't believe how much stuff I have.

As for my craft room, if it is not organized and clean then I can not create a thing. Having clutter around me makes my brain all cluttered. :) I love how you are now storing your acrylic stamps. I store mine in different storage boxes like MSE and an Inkadinkado storage box. I store my unmounted in the 3 inch white binders like you have. I bought mine at Sam's Club. As for my SU sets they are all on shelves downstairs. I am now organizing my downstairs ugh! I hope I never let my home get this unorganized again. :)


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