Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day #12 Organization Challenge - Linen Closet - Blankets and Comforters

Hello Organizing Buddies! Ugggh! I'm sorry I didn't post anything for the past two days! I've been feeling a little sick. It started on Monday. I initially thought that I was going through my typical allergy attacks but as the day progressed, I started to feel that it may not be my allergies. I've been too tired to organize anything. I do feel a little better today so I'll try to finish up my linen closet.

I have a little story to share before I discuss today's challenge. Growing up, although we weren't "poor", my grandparents (who adopted me) were very "frugal" and I kid you not!!! Our blankets were handmade and we've never had fitted sheets or pretty beddings. That's just the way life was. Although I appreciate the sewn blankets today and I wish I had a few of them now that my grandmother had passed away, growing up I always wanted a pretty made bed! I guess that's the reason why, now that I'm older and can basically afford them, I love buying them and dressing up my bed. LOL! But. . .how many comforter sets do one need?

Do you see the shelving above. It's actually quite taller than shown in the picture. It's normally stocked with blankets and comforter sets but I did a CRAZY thing. Because they've been sitting in the closet probably collecting dust, I decided to wash them ALL! I have problems with allergies so I thought it was a great idea to wash them. What the heck was I thinking???? It has taken me hours to wash and dry them. I spent 4 days washing and drying them and I have a few more to wash. The huge thick comforters barely fit into our washing machine. Honestly, it would have been smarter if I had thrown them into the drier and filter any dust or lint rather than washing them but I'm happy that I washed them now that I'm almost done. . .:)

Some of the blankets and comforter sets didn't have their original packaging so I used "Space Bags". They are FANTASTIC!! I highly recommend buying a few of them to store your blankets. . .they really save on space by compressing them to a smaller size. Click Here to check them out.

Okay! Let us FINISH our linen closet! Now to today's challenge. . . .if your blankets or beddings have been sitting in the closet for the past year without being used, air them out or throw them into the dryer and filter the dust or lint that has collected on them. When you're done, re-organize them nicely in your linen closet. This challenge should complete the "Linen Closet Challenge".

Hey. . .if you're done organizing your linen closet, take a photo of it and email it to me at and I'll post it on the blog. I'll post my organized linen closet when I'm done washing and drying my blankets!! Hope you have a wonderful organizing day!!


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