Monday, November 9, 2009

Day #16 Organization Challenge - Crafter's Corner - Card Stock Organization

Hi Organizing Buddies!!! Okay. . .do you have a stock pile of card stock? Do you buy more than you really need? Well, I do have this problem. I always think I'm going to run out of a particular color so I'll buy 2 extra packages of card stock at a time. Actually, I do, on occasion, run out of a particular color before I had a chance to order more of them but there are a few colors that I rarely use. . . .like purple. Not my favorite color. . .:) My card stock are stored on a tall book shelf. The bottom half stores my designer papers. I'll share it with you all next time. Right now, let's focus on our card stocks!

I spent part of Saturday organizing my card stocks and designer paper as well as my scraps. My packaged card stock were actually organized already. There were a few card stock out of place so organizing my card stock was quick and painless!!!

My scrap card stock. . . well, that's a different story! LOL! Okay. . .look at that mayhem going on in that container. This is what happens when things get out of control. The container is overstuffed with scrap card stock!

Initially, I was just going to sort the scraps and put them in file folders but they kept falling off the sides of the file folders. I decided to put them in Ziplock bags which helped contain the smaller scraps.

I then put the scraps in hanging file folders. The top are my scrap card stock and the bottom are my scrap designer papers.

As you can see, my card stocks are in Ziplock bags by color and stored in the the hanging file folders. I didn't have matching colored hanging file folders so they're pretty hodge-podged right now. When I have a chance, I'll buy hanging file folders that are the same colors.

I sorted my scrap designer papers by the most prominent color. . .so if the designer paper had a lot of pink color to it, I sorted them in the "pink" folder. My Stampin Up designer paper are stored in one folder. . . I didn't divide them by color. I didn't have too many scrap SU designer paper so they all fit in one folder.

So. . . today's challenge is to sort all of your card stock including your scrap card stocks and find a system of organization that works best for you. If you have the time, organize your scrap designer paper. We'll work on organizing your unused designer paper on another day but if you have the time to sort them, you can start on them as well.

Here are a few examples of different organization system for scrap card stock and designer paper:

Scrap Village

Best Craft Organizer ( I actually have the desk and a few organizers)

Organize World

Scrapbookers Inner World

Hey. . .send me a picture of your card stock/designer paper organizing system. I'd love to share it on this blog! Hope you all have a wonderful organizing day!!


Robyn said...

Hi Maria
just wanted to say thanks so much for this blog - I have spent this year decluttering the house of furniture etc but haven't touched the insides properly, so now this is my inspiration. My paper is actually organised, yay, as I use a filing cabinet and I put back my offcuts in with the A4 sheets. 12 x 12 are kept in a paper trolley labelled with names on the outside. I do Stampin Up so I got rid of "others" and it has helped me keep control in that area. It is one of the few things I have control over and have been diligent with


Mary said...

Oh Maria you are good. I have all of my cardstock organized. I have been organizing like a mad woman which is a huge reason why I have not been crafting much. :) As for my scraps I threw most of them away becuase it was taking up space and I had collected way too much of it for the past 5 years. So that was easy. :)The only thing that I need to do now is organize my designer paper. That ought to be quick because I am going to give most of it away. Well except for my SU papers. :)

Love this blog.

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

What an amazing idea for a blog Maria. You have the most clever ideas ever. I love your paper organization. I need to do this SOOoooh badly. I have the files set up just need to get zippies & do it already. Yours looks heavenly! P.s. I so know what you mean about buying extra paper. I have 6 packs of some old SU in colours from back in the day when I was actually spending money--TOO much of it, LOL. One day I will run out though. Then what? heehee

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