Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day #6 Organization Challenge - I Love Reading Celebrity Magazines

Yeah. . .I do. I have a subscription for People, Us, and Star magazines. I have my daily fix right before I go to bed. LOL! Reading about the antics of celebrities help me fall asleep! We also have a subscription for the Smithsonian, Discovery, Popular Science, Scrapbook Etc., and Bon Apetit. I also buy a lot of craft magazines! Hello! I blame Publishers Clearing House. . .they sent us those discounted subscription offers and well, we couldn't help ourselves. Rather than subscribing to one or two magazines, we went nuts and ordered like 7 of them. We really need some self-control. I'm not the only one with this problem, my husband likes to order science magazines so put the two of us together. . .we have a magazine subscription problem. I think we need an intervention here.

Actually, the problem isn't that we have a lot of magazines but the real problem is that we don't throw away any of them away. We have them all over the house. Well, today I decided to gather all my magazines and sort through them and made two piles: the keep pile and a throw away pile. Unfortunately, the "keep" pile was bigger than the "throw away" pile. LOL!

I went to the store and was going to buy a magazine holder but dang, they're expensive and so small. I would have needed to buy at least 4 of them. Uh-uh! I decided rather than buying them, I was just going to make my own magazine holder. Looking through the Internet, I found this simple tutorial on creating a magazine holder using a cereal box: Click Here

Well, I had only one cereal box and I needed at least 4 of them so instead, I used a cardboard box and created this larger magazine holder. I applied the same concept as the cereal box. The cardboard box was harder to cut but it's do-able. I then covered it with pattern paper (scrapbook paper) and applied "Mod Podge" glue all over which helps to protect the paper.

Okay, are you ready for a new challenge? Of course you are. Today's challenge is to gather ALL of you magazines and sort them in two piles: the keep pile and the throw away pile. Rather than throw away the magazines, why don't you drop them off at your doctor's office. I'm sure they'll want them. If you're ambitious, create a DIY Magazine Holder following the tutorial.

Well, I hope you'll fit some time to play along. Be sure to visit the previous challenges. I'm sure you'll be able to find one that you can work on! Comment this post if you want to play along! Hey, let me know how you're doing with the previous challenges. .. I'd love to hear your story. ***the comment button is at the top of this post****

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!


Mary said...

Wow! You did an awesome job in organizing youe bathroom Maria. I did mine last week thanks heavens.
But I still have my downstairs to do. A very big job.


danseusesabine said...

Other duties bekon so I'm a little behind on the challenges. In the meantime, I can totally relate to the multiple magazines just turning into a gigantic pile of clutter. I have just recently actually cleared out my junk and it feels SO good! I don't know what it is about magazines that makes them so hard to toss out. The tip that finally worked for me? Go through the magazines and tear out the articles you plan on reading, then toss out the rest. Most of these magazines are ads anyway! If after a week, you still haven't read the articles, toss those out too. Since they're not so nicely bound, it's so much easier to do! Of course, I still have magazines that i keep and CANNOT rip up -- smithsonian, National Geographic, etc. but the rest are history. Hope that helped!


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