Sunday, February 28, 2010

Organize Now - Ways to Conquer the Clutter

I bet you thought I disappeared and have resigned myself to a life of disorganization. Well, actually. . I almost headed down that road but tomorrow starts a new month and it's gotten me motivated . . .well, to start over.. . once again.

I've been reading the book "Organize Now" by Jennifer Ford Berry. I decided to follow her book and see if I can get better organized because doing it myself isn't working!

Here is what the book says on how to conquer clutter:

1. Make it work for you. Create a system that works for you so that it is convenient for you to put things away where they belong

2. Don't schedule tasks for every minute of your day. Because projects take longer than expected, leave room to be able to complete these tasks. Last minute things can pop up and it also leaves your room to breathe and take a break.

3. Play catch up. Work consistently until you feel you've feel you have accomplished what you have planned to do such as cleaning or your To Do List. Be sure to plan a day or two to catch up on these tasks.

4. Complete things. Avoid leaving tasks incomplete, having them linger in the back of your mind can make you feel depressed. Always remember that you get credit only for tasks that are completed. Completing tasks will also make you feel energized to tackle more tasks.

5. Look for storage solutions. Look for storage solutions that will suit the purpose or dual purposes (such as furniture and storage at the same time) and ones that will take very little space as possible.

Okay. . .with that being said, are your ready to tackle the task of de-cluttering? I think if I follow this book, I'll be able to work on organizing things that I didn't think to organize or find solutions to help me tackle the clutter in a more efficient and timely way.

Well, let's get started on March 1st. . .hey, that's tomorrow. . .are you game? Hope so!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day #20 - Organization Challenge - I'm Back!!! What Happened to My Pretty Laundry Room?

Hey Organizing Buddies!! I'm back! Where have you been, you ask? Well, I went on a European trip for 3 weeks, got sick for 3 weeks after I returned from my trip, and basically, went downhill from there. I'm re-emerging from my "denial" phase and I "think" I'm ready to tackle the mess that I call my home.

Honestly, I'm not sure what happened. It's funny how starting off on the wrong foot at the start of the new year can really kill your spirits. Well, after being in a state of denial, I decided that life is too damn short to be wasting it on being indecisive and feeling deflated.

I want to live my life being happy and well, I can't be if I let things that are so insignificant bother me. I decided that tackling my laundry is first and foremost. Above is how my laundry room looks right now and below is what it looked liked prior to leaving for my European trip. How sad that I did not maintain it. I would have maintained if I didn't end up catching a nasty cold after my trip and feeling sorry for myself afterwards. Just silliness!!! I really can annoy myself sometimes! LOL!

This photo is how I want my laundry room to look. I'm in the process of washing all the laundry, folding them, and putting them away in the proper drawers, shelves, and closet. How is your laundry room looking? Is it nice and neat or is it like my laundry room? Well, if it's a mess like mine, then this challenge is for you!!!

Today's challenge is to wash all your laundry, fold them, and put all of them away before you tackle any other chore! Got it?

Let me know how you did when you're done. . .come on. . .let's get going! Play along with me so I don't feel so alone in this process!! LOL!

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