Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day #2 Organization Challenge - Yikes, My Washing Machine is my Underwear Drawer

Happy Wednesday, Friends! Remember yesterday's challenge? Well, the challenge was to clear out your laundry room of clean clothing and to put the clothing away in your closet. Did you have the chance to complete the task?

I have a confession to make. What motivates me to do the laundry is when I'm running out of underwear! Seriously!! When I notice I have only a few left, it'll prompt me to do the laundry. Okay, I can handle reusing my jeans or a t-shirt but there is no way I can reuse my underwear. LOL!!!!

Well, I'll do a few loads of clothes and usually, wash my underwear last. . . .. and it sort of stays in the dryer. Why? Because it's easy to find and when there's only one or two underwear left in the dryer, I know it's time to wash the clothes again! Too funny!!

I know. . .it's weird! I do have some sort of system of organization and unfortunately, this is it.

Do you see the drawer? Well, it's my underwear drawer. It's empty, you say. . . . .ugggh, yeah! It's because my underwear are in the dryer. After completing the challenge yesterday, I decided to create a handmade organizer for my underwear. I probably could buy a few plastic containers at the dollar store but who looks in my drawer anyway? I mean, it don't have to be fancy or anything like that.

Today's organization challenge is to fold your underwear nicely and create some sort of organization so your underwear are easily accessible and organized.

Here are my bras. . .I can't believe I'm posting my underwear for all the world to see! LOL! But, hey . . .you want credibility, right? I organized my bra by color and by type. . .you know, strapless, padded, etc.

Here is a tutorial on how to create a super cheap underwear organizer:

Measure you drawer. . .both depth, length and width. Using card boards (use a cereal box or poster board), measure and cut the card board based on your drawer measurement into 4 pieces (3 for the length and 1 for the width).

If the card boards are too short, tape two pieces together

With 3 of the card boards that measures the length of your drawer, cut a notch at the center of the cardboard about 3/4" of the width of the cardboard. Do not cut the cardboard completely in half.

Using the cardboard that measures the width of your drawer, cut 3 notches in equal distance between each notch. Start with cutting a notch at the center of the cardboard then cut one notch to the left and right of the center notch.

Interlock the card boards by inserting the cardboard through the notches. This will create a total of 8 compartments.

Here is the picture of the completed cardboard organizer . . .simple and cheap! Gotta love it!

Okay, gang. . .are you up for today's challenge? If you have any ideas for a great underwear organizer. . .share it with us by commenting this post! I'll do some research and see what I can find to share with all of you. Hope you all have a wonderful day organizing your underwear drawer!!! ***the comment link is at the top of this post***


skyviewstamper said...

Girl, I love your new blog!! My house could use some organization and my laundry room looks like yours! What a great idea for a blog! I'll be checking back for some motivation in organizing!! Oh, and I love your cards!!!

GrammaP said...

What a great idea--I do have laundry under control but will be checking in for other ideas! Love your drawer organization. thanks for the inspiration!! On my way to do some reorganization of some bins in the basement while I do the laundry!!
GrammaP from the Cricut MB

Sherry said...

I actually do this! All the long sleeves are together, all the short sleeves and they are also seperated by color...sounds like there's too much time on my hands but really I'm just a little OCD! My husband thinks I'm crazy.. that is till he goes to look for a shirt and can put his hands right on it .. lol!! It's so nice to see that I'm not alone in this crazy need to be organized!

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