Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day #1 Organization Challenge - My Laundry Room Has Turned into a Closet

Yes, my laundry room has turned into a closet. LOL! Due to sheer busy-ness or maybe, laziness. . .not sure which one right now. . .rather than putting away the folded and hung clothing, I'll leave them in the laundry basket and and on the clothing rack. Sadly, whenever we need clothes, rather than walking into our closets, we walk into our laundry room. LOL!!

Oh I'm embarrassed to admit this but there are days when I would leave the clothing in the dryer and worse, leave the clothing in the washer.

Has that happened to you? Have you left the wet laundry in the washer and forgot to dry them. I'm guilty of doing this and I have to rewash them because they have that yucky, moldy smell. Am I terrible or what???

Here is one of the laundry basket and it's piled high ready to tip over. It annoys the heck out of my husband to have to look for his shorts in the basket rather than in the drawers.

Today's challenge is to fold and hang all your clothes after they've been washed and put them away in your "bedroom" closet. Clear out your laundry room of clean clothing!

Are you up for the challenge? Comment this post if you want to play along! The comment button is up at the top of each post, not at the bottom.


Ali said...

No you aren't terrible! Yes, I have left clothes in the washer overnight, then rewashed them like 2 more times to get rid of that smell! Lately I've been doing really good folding and putting away each load as soon as they come out of the dryer. Don't know how long that will last though! Thanks for this challenge!

Sankari W. said...

Wow - this is great Maria! I LOVE this - I could totally use some help with my chaotic life! And I have totally done that too about the washer ... sometimes its too late to put the clothes in the dryer because we live in a triplex and our laundry room is right next to our neighbor's bedroom and apparently our dryer is too loud! So there are times that I throw a load to wash and then forget to put it into the dryer until its too late at night - then i have to try to get the yucky smell out... ugh! I found that a little bit of vinegar in the wash the second time you wash it - gets the smell out nicely... :) i am off to maryland in the morning so i won't be able to play along till i get back - can't wait to see what the challenges are - so glad you are doing this! YOU are so awesome!!!
Sankari :)

Ms.Barber said...

I am so with you on this.....that looks just like my laundry arrangement I pretty much get dressed in the kitchen these days

Cynthia said...

I am so there with you. These last few months I have been trying to tackle the clutter and sometimes I do not know where to start cleaning. I think this will be a great useful blog and we can get ideas too from one another.

Great Idea!

Terry Oulboub said...

Maria, what a great blog to challenge yourself to do things you aren't up for. Unfortunately for me, I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) in that I can't leave anything undone! It drives my husband CRAZY! I am a neat freak - everything has a place and order in my place and nothing can ever be out of place. It makes me crazy. My challenge is to chill out and let some things go awry...sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't. This is a fun blog to check out though - it makes me laugh because I wish I could just not be this military neat freak. :)

Jarie said...

Great blog Maria. I have a basket of clean laundry now that needs to be folded from last week. Maybe I'll do it this evening when I get home from work.


Sherry said...

Thanks for showing us how you created the dividers for your drawers!! My bra/undie drawers are very narrow and deeper but I've thought about using dividers myself.. now that I have a template I have no excuses eh?!!

Ali said...

This i can do, Day One achieved!

****comment button is at the top of each post, not at the bottom****